Podcast (Living Our Vocations)

Living Our Vocations is the podcast of Sister, Daughter, Mother, Wife. Join us as we chat with different Lutheran women.

You can listen via iTunes, Libsyn, or right here on our site (see the episode titles below: newest episodes are at the top). If you aren't familiar with ways to stream podcasts on-the-go, check out our handy-dandy guide.

PODCAST EPISODES (newest at the top)

Living Our Vocations, Season One, Audio Article 1: "Read Aloud: Sex, Romance, and Choosing Books for Teenage Girls."

Living Our Vocations, Season One, Episode 2 (Togetherness with Our Children, with Alison Andreasen)

Living Our Vocations, Season One, Episode 1 (Humility and The Benedict Option, with Cheryl Magness)

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