Jun 25, 2017

Audio Article: Sex, Romance, and Choosing Books for Teenage Girls (Podcast Episode)

Happy Presentation-of-the-Augsburg-Confession Day!

We are making strides toward finding our podcasting rhythm. As part of that goal, we will occasionally release a short read-aloud episode for those who don't have time for online articles. Hopefully this will help us reach a wider audience while also lightening the editing load during weeks when life gets in the way of full podcast glory.

We'll be bringing you another interview-based episode next time (a discussion of this book: read the introduction and first chapter if you want to prepare).

Meanwhile, here is a reading of one of Anna's articles: "Sex, Romance, and Choosing Books for Teenage Girls." See the show notes below for links and additional resources.

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Show Notes

Living Our Vocations, Season One, Audio Article 1: "Read Aloud: Sex, Romance, and Choosing Books for Teenage Girls."
In this episode, we provide an audio version of Anna's article on the three different kinds of romance novels. 


Sex, Romance, and Choosing Books for Teenage Girls (includes list of suggested books for teenage girls)

Suzannah Rowntree (quoted in article).

An article of Anna's about teaching your kids to read with discernment.

An article of Heather Judd’s about the need for literature that isn’t “safe.”

A piece from The Federalist about why teens need books that stretch them.


  1. Hi, Anna. Enjoying the podcast! Regarding audio quality, I recommend getting a pop filter to get rid of the rushing-air sounds.

    Here is a quick demonstration of the sound improvement you'll hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvhwIOcUbjw

    Here is a good cheap pop filter: https://www.amazon.com/Nady-MPF-6-Microphone-Gooseneck-Stabilizing/dp/B0002CZW0Y

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! We'll look into it.

  2. Wonderful and thought provoking - thank you!


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