May 24, 2017

Guys! You Can Now Listen to Our First Podcast! (Humility and the Benedict Option with Cheryl Magness)

I had a chance to talk to Cheryl about the Benedict Option and about her SDMW piece, "Walking the Cultural Tightrope."  Cheryl shares about how she and her husband raised their children and how the Benedict Option is actually about humility and recognition of sin rather than self-righteousness. By the way, Rod Dreher himself has quoted her Federalist piece about his book.

You can listen here in this post or head over to iTunes or Libsyn. If you can't find us on the app you use, let us know, and we'll look into that. Not sure how to listen to podcasts on-the-go? Check out our handy-dandy guide here.

We're still new to this whole podcasting thing, so thanks to Cheryl for taking on the role of guinea pig and thanks to our readers for coming along while we polish our skills. If you want to support our podcast, leave us reviews or comments on iTunes so that other listeners are more likely to find us. Thanks!

Show Notes

Living Our Vocations, Season One, Episode 1 (Humility and The Benedict Option, with Cheryl Magness)
In this episode, Anna talks to Cheryl Magness about her article “Walking the Cultural Tightrope.” We look at the Benedict Option and whether or not a conscious retreat from popular values and culture is likely to lead to self-righteousness. We discuss: 
1. What  happens when our emotions respond to entertainment that our intellect disagrees with? 
2. What are the three ways in which most Christians parents respond to a hostile culture? Which is healthiest? 
3. How can we pursue truth, goodness, and beauty in our daily lives?


Walking the Cultural Tightrope


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  1. Loved this interview! The "extremes" in parenting is so is hard to find a balance, and be confident in your choices! And Cheryl's view and summary of the Benedict Option was refreshing! I liked the book, but felt like I might come across as a pietist trying to explain it. But like you ladies said, we sinners can make anything bad.

    Looking forward to the next episode ;)

  2. Hi Maranda! Yay, I'm glad you liked the episode!

    Yes, the balance between loving what is good while NOT loving pietism can be tricky, can't it? I too appreciated Cheryl's take on that.


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