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A while back I wrote about organizing a monthly discussion group for Christian women. I love my group--it gives me to get to know a group of ladies and learn from their ideas. You can read more about it, including tips for starting your own group, here. The short version, though, is this:
1. Each month, with the group’s input, I choose a topic.
2. I find a few stimulating articles and email them out to the ladies.
3. We all do the reading and then get together to drink tea and discuss what we’ve read.


I highly recommend the format.
Here are the topics, readings, and discussion questions I’ve used with my group. As we continue to meet I’ll update this page. Feel free to use all of this material either as-as, or as a starting point for your own research on the topic. You can sign up for my newsletter (see the sidebar on the right) to receive updates about new material. 
If you find something particularly helpful and thought-provoking online, send me a note at sister-daughter-mother-wife (at) googlegroups.com. I’m always on the lookout for my good reading. 




3. Against polarization: talking with people who disagree with us

6. Masculinity, Part II: Supporting a healthy vision of masculinity in the lives of our own men

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