Jul 1, 2019

Why Yes, this IS a Post!

By Anna Mussmann

Often while washing the dinner dishes I think of a topic for an article. It seems as if I should write it. And yet, at the same time, perhaps not. Almost everything I write is based on opinion. Sometimes I feel confident that mine are good opinions, shaped by having learned from people who are wiser than myself. Yet at other times I wonder. What if all these words are merely the outflow of callow youth? What if I look back in ten years and wish I had waited to grow up and build a more mature outlook before I shared it with others? That would be pretty embarrassing.

Besides, since the birth of Mini-Mussmann-Number-Three, juggling my various daily duties has felt more complicated. My brain is just more tired out, and by the time I sit down at my computer, I tend to want to just make a Shutterfly album so I can look at pictures of my cute children. Who are, by the way, extremely photogenic.

Yet I’ve begun writing again lately. Here and there. I hope readers know that I realize my own fallibility. I hope I don’t come across as thinking I have the answers. And, yes, I admit I also hope someone is reading this stuff, because mixed in with the doubts is a desire to communicate to the world outside my home. To possibly be useful, interesting, funny, or entertaining. To have readers.

So. . . there will probably be posts in this space. But slowly!




  1. Yay, a post! Keep writing! I'll tell you what I've told my daughter, who has expressed the very same concern: this is a moment in time. It's a reflection of who you are, and where you are your life, right now. You may--you will--change. Your life will change. You may find that you disagree with something you wrote in the past. That's okay. It just shows you're someone who is willing to change and grow and reassess and reconsider. And that is a good thing. Also, isn't just about everything we say and do and write based on opinion? We're just all getting through life the best we can, making the best choices and judgments we can. You happen to have a wonderful way with words. It's how you express yourself. Others express themselves through other means. But I don't think simply putting your words, or music, or art, or whatever it is, out there means you think you've got it all figured out. It just means you care about the world, and you want to share and connect with others, and that is good (especially when the things you want to share are so positive and encouraging). So keep washing dishes . . . and musing . . . and writing . . . . :-)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Cheryl! I appreciate it. I'll try. :-)

  2. It is a lot to juggle! My blogging continues to change as I have more kids, too. We write when we find the time, and keep those lists going for the future. And maybe we'll even get caught up on Shutterfly books someday! :-)

  3. I'm so happy to see the blog come back! And sometimes, even if it is foolish, having a glimpse back in time at how you thought can be helpful in relating to others who are at a similar point in their lives.

  4. This post encouraged me so much this evening. Thank you. How beautiful that Jesus chooses the most "invaluable" to shame the "wise", when we are weak, then we are strong. Christ keep you sister.


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