Mar 21, 2017

An Anniversary. An Announcement. A Giveaway.

Dear Readers,

Guess what? This blog has been online for three years. Our blogiversary is this week!

I've had such a good time during these last few years. Thank you for clicking over, for reading, and for sharing your writing. I love learning from you all.

In order to celebrate the occasion, we have (a) a special announcement and (b) a giveaway.

We are Starting a Podcast

Do you ever wish that you could chat with other Lutheran women about life and vocation while folding your laundry?

We envision bringing you (and your laundry) a rotation between three different types of episodes. Sometimes we will chat with a SDMW author about a recent article. Those of you who find reading time to be a scarce commodity will be able to hear the same content while accomplishing other tasks. Those of you who have already perused the piece in question will be able to hear the author take the conversation a little farther by, for instance, discussing her own experiences or offering practical applications for her ideas.

At other times, Anna will interview a Lutheran woman about her experience with marriage, motherhood, being a Christian in a secular world, friendship, or other topics. We hope to use these episodes to talk with ladies who might not have the time to write articles but who have valuable insight (or, who knows, cool jokes) to share. We are excited to have this opportunity to help build community among Lutheran women by continuing the conversation about what it means to live out our our vocations in daily life.

At yet other times, Kaitlyn DeYoung will lead a discussion about the ideas found in books. Whether the selection is fiction or non-fiction, ancient or published last month, we believe that we can gain new understanding of how to live out our vocations from literature. We’ll choose accessible books that we think are very worthwhile reads, and we and our guests will focus on a specific excerpt or chapter in the hope of better fitting into the schedule of a woman juggling many vocations. Overall, we want to provide a forum for the Lutheran ladies who love to read and discuss good books.

Check back in April for the first episode of Living Our Vocations. We hope you enjoy listening!

We Are Giving Away a Book

Our first book club episode will center on Anthony Esolen's Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child. You can have a go at winning a free copy of the book by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below. (Come back on Friday to find out about our second blogiversary giveaway).

Here is what Kaitlyn has to say about the book: "The title of Esolen’s book might seem to imply that it is applicable only to mothers, but this book is filled with keen insights and cultural criticism applicable to everyone who is interested in what it means to live as a Christian in modern-day American culture. One of the greatest strengths of Ten Ways is its ability to help you take a step back and really consider the implications of the everyday activities, and even larger narratives, that we often take for granted. Esolen covers a broad range of topics--from the value of unstructured time spent outdoors to the significance of sex and the differences between men and women--and in each case he shows how the secular culture’s need for change and “progress” has disconnected us from hundreds of years of wisdom about what it means to be human and live a good life. I think it’s likely that every reader will find new insights in this book, and for some (like me), calling the book “eye-opening” won’t be an overstatement."

  a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. That sounds like an interesting book. Maybe I'll try to figure out the whole podcast thing :)

  2. Book suggestion: Gilead, since you have read it

    The Eternal Woman or Let Me Be A Woman. Or a Lutheran equivalent. Not sure if there is one.

    1. That's Elizabeth Elliot, right? I know people who really love her work.

    2. Yes. The second one is. There was only one chapter so far a Lutheran might take issue with. I'm almost done with it

      The Eternal Woman is difficult reading, and RC, but also good insights on womanhood

    3. Have you thought about writing an analytical review for either of those? I'd love to read it.

    4. :) Yes, writing for SDMW is always on my to-do someday list

  3. Perhaps the book He Remembers the Barren? I read it recently to help me understand my friends' struggles with infertility.

  4. This book definitely sounds interesting.

  5. Thanks for always trying to appeal to all women - mothers, single, etc. This blog is for women any stage in life!

  6. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I've enjoyed reading. :)

  7. Best of luck with the podcast. This book does sound interesting!

  8. This book is on my wishlist! :)

    I am not in the habit of listening to podcasts, but I will try to tune in!

  9. I'd like to hear a discussion about the book Eternal Treasures and a talk about Lutheran home education. The book is very practical and it would be nice to hear some more ideas and insights about the topic. I also think many of the ideas in the book could be useful to families whose kids are traditionally schooled as they can be applied toward building a Lutheran culture at home in a broader sense.

  10. Very Practical question: What does bedtime look like at your house? Especially when the husband is away. Bonus if it addresses large families (4 or more kids)

  11. Yay! I'm excited to hear this! I really like so much of what you write here. I often share it through my blog and Facebook page (Snapdragon of the Field). Excited to have some podcasts to hear and share now, too!

  12. That book does sound intriguing. While I hope I'm not destroying the imagination of my children, and I can see that by comparison they have much better imaginations than the children I taught in Japan, I bet there are some things I could learn from it. I'll look forward to the podcast when it starts!

  13. I second He Remembers the Barren. Wonderfully written and so helpful in pointing to Christ throughout such a difficult struggle.


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