May 27, 2016

We Will Give Your Kid a Book (in Return for a Review)



Do you know a kid who would enjoy reading a futuristic tale about Christians who must hide from the authorities?

A while ago we posted a review of Lisa M. Clark's middle grade novel, The Messengers: Discovered (CPH 2016).

We are offering a free copy of this book to up to two young readers between the ages of ten and seventeen who will write a review that we can share on this site.

Here are the details.

If you ask for a copy of this book, you are promising that:

- You are between the ages of 10 and 17
- You will read this book
- Within four weeks of getting the book in June, you will write up your thoughts on the story and e-mail them to us. Your review doesn't need to be long, but it should include: (a) What the book is about, and (b) Your response to the book [for instance: Do you think it it realistic? How so? How is the character's church similar to or different from your own? What do you think you would do in the main character's place? What kinds of people do you think would enjoy reading this book?].

Want in? You can:

- E-mail us at sister-daughter-mother-wife (at) and tell us who you are. Include your name and age. We will send a free copy of the book to the first two kids who contact us (if you are one of the first two, we'll e-mail back to ask for a mailing address). 
- Please note that the e-mail should be written by the kid who will read the book. 
- This offer is good between now and June 10. 

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