Dec 11, 2015

The SDMW Guide to Lutheran Stocking Stuffers

(Compiled by Anna)

When I was growing up, Christmas stockings were very important to my sisters and me. They hung behind the wood stove all December, and we kept busy filling them. We spent hours drawing cards and crafting little gifts to give our parents and each other. Some of the youngest girls found the thrill of dropping things into the stockings so irresistible that they would insert random rocks, Duplos, and hair clips.

As a Christmas-stocking-enthusiast, I wanted to provide you with some good, hearty, Lutheran-influenced ideas for the stockings in your life.*

What Lutheran child wouldn't want to receive fish in a barrel
in honor of Katie Luther and her escape from the convent?
For Adults

Have you seen the Old Lutheran site? They sell things like a “Martin Loofa,” “Here I stand” socks (not to mention, “Here I stand” golf balls).

You could also purchase a lovely Luther rose cookie stamp.

If you want to choose something handmade, check out jewelry made by Olin Fern Designs or this Luther rose mug cozie. These stamps are pretty, too.

For the scrapbookers in your life

Ad Crucem sells jewelry, art, ornaments, and other items.

These Christmas cards from Emmanuel Press look lovely (your recipient could mail them next year!). Another option for cards can be found here. For your church-music-inclined Lutheran loved-ones, you could go here (disclaimer: the latter site is owned by none other than the husband of our own lovely Cheryl Magness).

Donating to LCMS World Relief and Human Care in the name of your recipient is always a good option, too.

For Kids

Books are always lovely, of course, and several SDMW readers and authors list their family’s favorite stories here

You probably don’t need me to suggest the Lego Luther, but don’t forget about Albrecht Durer.

Want to inspire some good old, Lutheran play? What about a hammer so that they can pound on the bathroom doors, with or without a copy of the 95 Theses?

We all know the tale of Katie Luther escaping in an empty fish barrel. You could gift your children with fishy crackers (or candy fish) in a mini barrel. Salted fish, of course, would be more authentic.

Or--if you like to live dangerously--what about giving them a candle and a copy of the Pope’s bull against Luther? Your little Lutherans will know what to do with these.

*I should note that with the one noted exception, we are not affiliated with any of these sellers. I just think their stuff is cute, funny, or otherwise appropriate as a Lutheran stocking stuffer.


  1. Anna, thank you so much for recommending Ad Crucem! We really appreciate your kind words.

    Wishing you a wonderful Advent season and a Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you! And to you. I appreciate the art you provide.

  2. These are great!! I especially like the last idea...

  3. I know this is VERY late, but Lego Luther is actually Playmobil Luther. I've given several as gifts


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