Aug 25, 2015

Off-site Highlights

We have no new article for you today (although a few are in the works), so instead we are sharing links to pieces elsewhere.

(It's at least partly HER fault)

Molly Oshatz's The Difference a Name Makes is the best article that I (Anna) have read about the whole Cecil/aborted babies/newspeak issue. She reminds us that even though it is natural to feel more love for the named than the unnamed and unknown, God names and loves every baby.

Cheryl recommends this piece on Women's Bible Studies from the LadyLike blog.

If you haven't yet, take a look at this Fall Reading List for Lutherans.


If you are interested in reading the work of the SDMW editoresses from elsewhere, check out these links.

Cheryl has been writing about bad parenting and why she will never be a free range parent. Speaking of parenting, Anna pointed out the similarities between Victorian treatment of women and modern helicopter parenting.

Cheryl has also taken up the topic of current events fatigue and the taking of offense (you can tell from the latter that she is a Lutheran) as well as the question of female beauty. Anna has written about compassion vs. empathy.


And, for something totally fluffy, go here for beauty in small objects. 

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