Apr 11, 2015

This Easter Season (and Off-site Highlights)

The Christian life is not something that happens in isolated snippets--a bit of Good Friday mourning here, a day of Easter chocolates and Alleluia's there. Every day we remember the life-saving sacrifice of the cross and everyday we remember the glorious resurrection of Our Lord. Because of Christ's victory, we live in a permanent Easter: death, sin, and the devil are defeated both today and tomorrow.

Yet we are also blessed with a church year that provides us with rhythms and seasons. As we vary our emphasis in order to listen again to the story of what our God has done for us, it is joyous to remember that we are still in the season of Easter. The hats, lilies, and hard-boiled eggs were just the opening activities of our celebration.

As part of that celebration, here two Easter links.

Did you read this sermon by Pastor Esget? It's a wonderful reminder that even though we live in a world of death and violence, our hope is real.

I also appreciated this collection of paintings of the Resurrection. I wasn't as impressed by the accompanying text, but it's fascinating to study the images and to see some of the many ways that Christ's victory has been portrayed in art. I imagine that the way a given group of people portray the Resurrection (or see it portrayed) could be used to predict other aspects of their life, faith, and society. 

If you have a favorite Easter sermon, blog post, or article, feel free to link to it in the comments. I'd enjoy reading it!

(For more info go here).

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