Mar 7, 2015

Motherhood (Off-site Highlights)

For this week's Off-site Highlights, here are some links on the way motherhood needn't be as complicated as we sometimes make it (which, of course, it not the same as saying that it isn't hard).

I appreciated Rebekah Curtis' description of "How This Mother of Seven Children Does It." No matter how many children a family has, it is useful to consider how one would rear one's children if there were so many of them that one couldn't provide all the advantages one wanted to. To me, doing so is a liberating exercise. Even if I have only two children, I hope to raise them somewhat like a mother of seven would.

In a related vein, I wrote about how "We've Over-complicating Motherhood Because We Don't Like It" and was interviewed about the topic on Issues, etc.


  1. if there were so many of them that one couldn't provide all the advantages one wanted to.

    Just to clarify, Anna, I would say that having a lot of kids makes one think carefully about popularly perceived "advantages", and helps parents work smarter, not harder, to make sure their kids have access to opportunities that are truly advantageous. :)

    (For example, none of our kids are enrolled in ballet or WrestleTots at age 3 because it's The Done Thing. I don't want to bore the public with my family's personal life; suffice it to say that God graciously makes aptitudes run in families.) Rebekah C.

    1. Thanks for the clarification--my wording was perhaps clumsy, especially in consideration of the way we tend to use the word "advantages."

  2. Looking forward to hearing both of your interviews!


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