Jul 29, 2014

The Joy of Receiving: My Conversion Story

(This article has been removed at the request of the author). 1-25-16


  1. "recently when we went on a plane ride, my small daughter fully expected to see Jesus up in the clouds, since she knows He will come back in the same way He left"
    That is awesome! Reminds me of the story my pastor told me about how when he put his young daughter in time out (or something, can't remember for certain), she said she wished Jesus would come back right now so she wouldn't have to wait till the end of it!

  2. Rachel, what a gift to come across your post! I am older, divorced, and my only child is 21 and involved in the LGBT movement and tons of other things I could add to say we are different on many levels. BUT, I have discovered a LCMS church out in the DC area where I moved to just a year ago. I got an email back from the Pastor in which he said things like "Divine Service" and Jesus serves "us"....I wondered what in the world he even meant! It sounded scandalous to my evangelical ears. I've since been in catechism classes and reading and learning and falling in love with a Savior who rescued me, and I didn't have to work so hard.
    I had a Pentecostal background and a few other denominations, so I was (am) so thoroughly confused. Going through the teaching of the Faith is the first time I felt any peace in my whole life.
    But I came to a standstill where doubt crept in; so much doctrine I was fed for years, and yo-yo-ing from "saved" to "backslidden" like a pendulum. But it's all I knew. So the new is scary.
    I am meeting Pastor this week to continue the ongoing process, and actually do confession and then have my first communion. But I am afraid I have overwhelmed him with my many questions, doubts and struggles. He's been most kind, but the poor guy just got out of seminary and here I am with pretty heavy questions and misgiving.
    I hope to connect somewhere..here ..or women at church- to give me a chance to ponder, vent, learn, PROCESS....but I want to thank you for sharing this post.

    God bless,


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