Nov 10, 2017

Join Us for another Advent Book Exchange

Hi Everyone!

We all need the humanizing influence of good stories, and once again, SDMW will be hosting an Advent book exchange. Join us if you would like to share a favorite book with a fellow Lutheran lady (and receive a book in return!).

Like last year, the rules are simple; but we’ve tweaked them a bit. Here is how to participate:

1. Fill out the participation form at the end of this post no later than November 23rd

2. I will email you with your recipient’s mailing address and her comments about her favorite types of stories. Choose a story-driven book (i.e., novel, memoir, or nonfiction narrative) that is in good reading condition and reasonably cheerful (avoid anything excessively disturbing. The overall message should be hopeful even if the characters experience suffering). Feel free to include a note explaining why you love this book. 

3. Send a book to your lovely recipient no later than December 9th (you will have two weeks in which to do this). You should include your email address with the book so that the recipient can let you know she got your gift. 

Are you in? It will be fun!

Here is the form:

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