May 8, 2015

Feeling Writerly?

Have any article-like thoughts been jostling about in your head lately? A realization, perhaps, or a question that won't go away? Perhaps something lately has taught you about being a woman, a Lutheran, a student, a wife, a sister, a mother, a daughter. Perhaps something from the Small Catechism, the Lutheran Confessions, or the Scriptures has become more clear to you as you go about your life. We would love to hear about it from you.

Just in case you've been thinking of writing something for SDMW, it might be useful for you to know that I (Anna) expect to be somewhat out of commission in July as I bring home a new baby and do all the nursing/not sleeping/helping the toddler adjust stuff. Cheryl will remain at the wheel of the blog, but it would be nice for both of us if we can have some extra articles lined-up and ready to go for July.

All of this to say, if you are pondering a submission, now would be a fantastic time!

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