Feb 21, 2015

"The Hard Times" (Off-site Highlights)

Each weekend, we want to feature an article from around the web that relates to the topic of living our vocations as Lutheran women. Most of the authors will probably be Lutheran, but some won't (and obviously we aren't necessarily endorsing anyone's entire site, theological beliefs, or favorite brand of cream cheese when we share articles that we think are helpful). If you come across something particularly enlightening, amusing, encouraging, or otherwise fantastic, send us a link and we'll consider it for one of our new Saturday "Off-site Highlights" posts.

This week, we'd like to point you to a wonderful blog post that was written in response to Anna's Friday post.

"The Hard Times" by Lora Horn

Anna Ilona Mussman wrote this post about fear, hard times, and the flighty nature of happiness. Reading it, I could feel what it was like again, being a twenty-something, young marriage, babies coming, career starting–everything possible. Everything ahead.
Oh boy, do I remember that. 
Hard times came. Three miscarriages – four if you count the adoption that fell through. A huge crisis of faith. Delayed studies. No career. Marital problems. Family problems. Health problems. Losing a call – losing our home, our friends — instantaneously. Waiting for another call. 
That’s twenty years worth of problems — interspersed with twenty years of joys.  
(Read the rest of the article on Lora's blog, The View From My Mountain)

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