Apr 26, 2014

The News Around Here

Dear Readers,

It is so exciting to see the response that SDMW has received! Since we began four weeks ago, we have reached the following milestones:

     * 144 likes on facebook
     * 5,250 page views total
     * 428 page views for our most popular individual article
     * A position in the search results for the phrase, "pictures of weird Christians" (probably because of THIS)

Thank you to those who have passed on our info to others and shared our articles on facebook. We very much appreciate all efforts to publicize the site.


New Feature

We are going to try something new. You get to submit questions that you would like to ask of an experienced, Lutheran wife and mother. We will bring some of those questions to several ladies whose advice we respect, and we will ask them to each write a paragraph or so in response. The questions and answers will be published together here on SDMW. Remember that in general, more detailed questions make it easier to give a more useful response. Let us know how you would like to be referred to when we publish your question (i.e., "Mary," or, "A mom from North Dakota," etc.).

It's going to be like all being together at this party:

With a little bit of this one:

And a healthy dose of this:

In other world, it will be great.

You can submit questions in two ways.

1) Write your question in the comment form below, or,
2) E-mail it to sister-daughter-mother-wife (at) googlegroups.com

We looking forward to seeing them!

Have a blessed Easter season. He is risen!

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