Apr 6, 2018

A Little Update

Dear Readers,

The blog has been quiet lately, but things are busy at my house. Mussmann Baby #3 is charming us all with his cuteness. He's not exactly sold yet on the idea of sleeping at predictable times or letting mom write much, but I have hope for the future. This post is a start!

The cutest writers' block ever (in his baptismal gown).

Meanwhile, I am learning how to parent three kids at once. It helps that the older two love their baby brother.


  1. Blessings on your new bundle of joy!!❤️ Blessings on your family as you adjust to the new normal 😊 Children are such a wonderful gift from God 💕

  2. Three kids is a totally different thing from two kids! Praying everything settles down for you eventually, like it did for me. Eventually.

  3. What a dear boy! May your heart be ministered to during this season of little ones! I felt like the busy calmed down a bit about a year after my third child was born. I'm sure it's different for everyone. Recently, I started grocery shopping childfree, leaving the kids with daddy, and I'm finding it works well for all of us. Changes always around the corner! If we can afford it, we might hire a scrubbing lady to come once a month, once our fourth child arrives. I savor the idea of the help :). Blessings, friend!


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