Dec 5, 2017

An Advent Sonnet

By Caitlin Magness

How could that city have gone on sleeping

beneath the stars hung by your mighty hand?

How could the shepherds have gone on keeping

their watch, not knowing that what you had planned

had come to pass? Creation now is lifted,

assumed into the glory of your Head.

The tides of entropy now have shifted,

fullness of Being in a manger bed.

How could I not have realized you were here

with me, as surely as you reign above,

calling me out of nothingness and fear,

back to the contemplation of your Love?

All that I see here now reflects your face

and sings back: All is grace. All is grace.


Caitlin is the daughter of a family of Lutheran musicians and church workers. She is an aspiring novelist, college student, and thinker of too many thoughts. She lives in Oklahoma with her family.


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