Jun 3, 2017

Creativity, Summer Reading, and Fear (Off-site Highlights)

Dear Readers,

Have you planted any seeds yet this Spring? My kids and I have filled a motley collection of pots (not to mention the garden bed) with flower and vegetable seeds. Having neglected to label anything, we are now waiting for the sprouts to get big enough to identify. It's quite exciting!

Here's your occasional post of recommended reading from around the web.

1. In "Irrational fear doesn’t make our kids safer (even in Ikea)", Simcha Fisher points out that nurturing fear does not make anyone a better parent nor keep their children safer. "But we are not in control. More fear will not make us more in control. . . . more fear is not the same as more love."

2. In "Why do we suffer trials?" Pastor Matthew Harrison talks about suffering. "Trials are actually part of a trilogy that really embeds faith in Christ deep in our being."

3. In "Happiness research shows the biggest obstacle to creativity is being too busy,"  Emma Seppälä talks about balancing the busyness aspect of modern life.

4. Putting together a summer booklist? You might appreciate this one for teen boys. I also like the concept of this blogger's list, which suggests that women can cultivate their mind by cycling between easy, middling, and hard books.

If you look closely, you'll see the maple tree that my son planted in the jade plant's pot. Alas, poor maple--it's not going to work. 

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