Apr 1, 2017

Something Funny, plus Motherhood and Cookies (Off-site Highlights)

Dear Readers,

Blessed Lent, and happy April Fools' Day. Be careful out there today.

Have you seen these two episodes of "Church Hunter?" Yeah. A little too funny. But appropriate viewing for today.

I've posted this link to art depicting the Resurrection before, but it's worth revisiting. It's fascinating to see how different artists have viewed and portrayed the empty tomb.

Did you catch Cheryl's excellent post about 6 Truths You Learn when a Loved One Dies?

I very much appreciated this one, by Gracy Olmstead: Why It’s A Problem That Reading Is At 30-Year Lows, And How ‘Digital Temperance’ Can Help

Here are several links about the whole SAHM thing.
I write a piece arguing that No, Stay at Home Moms Don't 'Waste' Their Education and talked about the article on Issues, Etc
Soon after, I read this interesting piece that objects to the term "stay-at-home mom." Read it and see why. What do you think?

Lora Horn just had a piece in The Federalist in which she told people to stop being so sensitive about miscarriage and other sensitive issues on Facebook. It's worth a read.

OK, to finish things off, I have a recipe for you. It's for the most delicious cookies ever. They would be fabulous on the table at your Easter luncheon.

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