May 21, 2016

Survey Results

Thank you so much to the readers who answered our survey! We really appreciate the feedback and the kind comments. It is encouraging to see what a faithful core of readers we have--over 40% of you say you read nearly every article, and a flattering 35% of you claimed that if you don't finish one of our pieces, the most likely reason is that something near you burst into flames.

We should sell these:

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On to the stats:

It appears that almost all of you are Lutherans (no surprise there), and almost a quarter of you are converts.

Are you Lutheran?

Yes, life-long! Bratwursts were practically my first solid food.7069.3%
Yes, long-time convert! Here I stand.1312.9%
Yes, a recent convert! I'm learning to make jello salad.109.9%
No, I'm not Lutheran at all, and I don't even like Bratwursts.33%

Almost all of you are women (yay for the few brave guys who read along with us!). About 17% of you are single, 23% are married but don't have children, and 33% of you have more than three kids.

Here's the age breakdown:

And are you:

Under twenty55%
In your twenties2625.7%
In your thirties4140.6%
In your forties1413.9%
In your fifties or above1514.9%

We asked which topics interest you. The one that garnered the biggest response is "Living as a Lutheran/Christian." In second place came "Marriage," followed by "Rearing kids," "Education," and "Liturgy and the church year." Your additional topic suggestions are great, and I hope to act upon them.

Both during this survey and the last one, we heard from readers who would like to see articles related to the single life and to being a Christian in the workforce. I would like to see that, too. The challenge is that our writers tend to write what they know, and a lot of us are immersed in life as stay-at-home moms. I'd like to pursue articles that relate to other walks of life, too, though, so please contact me if you're interested in helping out with that. You can e-mail sister-daughter-mother-wife (at)

You can also use that e-mail if you'd like to submit a question for a Q and LA session (click that link to see samples from the past).

Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. If you want another way to help support our site, we are always grateful for word-of-mouth publicity. Tell a friend, pin on Pinterest, share on Facebook, assign as homework to your teenagers--all good stuff.

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