Feb 20, 2016

Off-site Highlights (Including a movie that sounds cool)

(Compiled by Anna)

Dear Readers,

Need plans for a date night? This movie might be just the thing. Take a look at this interview in Christianity Today with actor Joseph Fiennes. Most of you will recognize him as the modern face of Martin Luther.

Joseph Fiennes Talks About Playing a Skeptic in ‘Risen’ (interview with Alissa Wilkinson of Christianity Today).
The film Risen—which will hit theaters on February 19, 2016—is not quite like any film based on the Bible that I’ve seen before. Directed by Kevin Reynolds, the film stars Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) as Clavius, a Roman centurion who is assigned to figure out where the body of Jesus of Nazareth has gone after it disappears from the tomb. Clavius is a world-weary, ambitious man of Rome, but as he interviews various people from Jesus’ life, he starts to realize that more is going on here than meets the eye. MORE.
You could also watch the trailers HERE.

I loved this article about teenagers and vocation. I won't quote it--just go read it.

I Can Do It by Scott Keith

As someone who grew up in (and among) big families, I thought that this little piece cute:

Big Families Don't Know They're Big by Amy of Raising Arrows.
"Big families are like big dogs. We don’t have a clue we’re big."

I'm pretty bad about the whole "be anxious for nothing" thing, and so I appreciate this post about the subject. Note: the site is run by ladies with a (very) Reformed perspective that can sometimes be law-heavy, but this piece struck me as heartily encouraging.

Don't Worry by Nancy Ann
"If it is the middle of the night, you should know that this is the worst possible time to discuss your worries with yourself. They will only get worse. So turn it off. Change the subject. Be quiet. Do not listen. . . .  
"Give your true concerns to God,  confess your worries, and be thankful. Don’t try to figure out why you worry, and don’t condemn yourself for being a worrier. Sin never makes sense, so just leave it alone. God will forgive your sins and you can pray for the grace to set your mind above when it drifts off." MORE

And this. Another one that you really should just go read.

When Motherhood Hurts, It's Deepening Your Love by Gracey Olmstead

Need a plan to help you read The Book of Concord during Lent? You'll have to catch up a bit, but CPH has you covered.

Plus, one of mine from The Federalist: The Smart Parents' Guide to Choosing Children's Books (really, it's about avoiding a few specific types of literary dust bunnies).


  1. I love the big family article--thanks!

  2. I really liked Risen a lot! I reviewed it here on my blog more fully, but in a nutshell, I think it's a remarkable movie that tells the story of Jesus' resurrection and ministry up to his ascension very faithfully and engagingly. I was impressed, and hope to see this again in the theater soon. I recommend you do the same if you're at all interested so we can show Hollywood that if they make a GOOD Biblical movie, we will watch it.

    1. Your review has heightened my interest in seeing this movie. I hadn't realized that Draco Malfoy was in it!

    2. Hee. And he works quite well in it, too! I hope you get a chance to see it.


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