Jan 30, 2016

Dads, Babies, and Marriage: Off-site Highlights

Compiled by Anna

Your periodic, off-site reading recommendations roundup:

Carson the Butler on True Marriage by Robert P. George

Viewers of Downton Abbey may have noticed in the recently aired first episode of Season Six that Carson the Butler articulated, in a delicate but firm and unmistakable way, the truth that marriage is a conjugal union. . . . [He] understands that persons are not minds or spirits merely inhabiting bodies, and that therefore a truly comprehensive union of persons—i.e., marriage—cannot merely be at the affective or emotional level. MORE.

A Dad's Life by Jonathan V. Last

All of which is to say that if we are failing as a nation, it may well be because we’re failing at manliness. And if we are failing at manliness, it’s almost certainly because we’re failing at fatherhood. MORE.

Even When It's Very Early, Miscarriage Hurts by Vanessa Rasanen

In that painful realm of doubt and uncertainty, the one thing we’ve clung to is that it’s okay for us to not know. We aren’t the masters of this universe. We have little control over and simply aren’t meant to know and understand everything that happens in this life. Some things remain a mystery. MORE.

The Remedy for Legalized Abortion by Leila Lawlor

Marriage doesn’t just happen, and isn’t one option among many. It’s an institution that requires great commitment from every person in society, for the simple reason (among many complex ones) that when families are formed through marriage, the weak are given their best chance at being protected. 
Today, possibly the greatest act of love for the unborn that you could make is striving your utmost to heal and promote and maintain and provide for and respect marriage. MORE.


Plus, in case you missed them: both Anna and Cheryl had parenting-related articles in The Federalist recently:

Stop Being Scared of Your Kids (Cheryl)

How to Raise Children Who Can Handle Freedom (Anna)


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