May 2, 2015

Yes, Women Have Souls, and No, They Need Not be Pastors (Off-site Highlights)

Have you ever stood up in a room full of liberals and expressed the opinion that God has given women a familial and societal role in life that is different from the role given to men?

It would be awkward.

Here are two articles that address some of the counter-arguments that might be flung at you.

In "The Myth of Soulless Women," Michael Nolan addresses a few specific historical anecdotes behind myths about early church misogyny. The story of how a joke became a myth is a fascinating tidbit.

In her Open Letter to Dr. Matthew Becker, published in Logia, Kaitlyn Nowak (who is a student both of science and theology) addresses the duel claim that the denial of the pastoral office to women is a sign of their oppression, and that scientific evidence debunks the Genesis account upon which this denial is partly based. Kaitlyn's letter is extremely well put and well worth your time.

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