Nov 20, 2014

What We Learned from The Reader Survey

Many thanks to those of you who filled out our reader survey. We really appreciate your time and input, and want to thank you for the elucidating, astute, kind, and encouraging words.

We were able to find out a bit more about you, our readers. 70% of you are life-long Lutherans and 22% are converts (although only one person said she is a recent convert), and a tiny handful of people are non-Lutheran Christians. We're glad you're all here!

We asked you what topics you are most interested in. Here are the most popular topics (the percentage tells you how many people included it in their "top four"):

-Marriage (48%)
-Friendship (43%)
-Celebrating the Church Year (41%)
-Parenting School-aged and Adolescent Children (39%)
-Education (33%)

Three other topics all achieved an equal popularity level of 31%:

-Single Life
-Parenting Babies and Small Children
-Personal Devotions, Piety, and Prayer Life

A few readers specifically mentioned that the Q and LA sessions are not their favorite, but a few also said that they love those conversations. Interestingly, all of the topics on the list received at least a few votes, so it appears that even if people are not equally interested in all of them, all of them are interesting to at least some people.

One comment that was made by a number of you is that you would like to see shorter, lighter articles mixed in among the more formal, essay-like posts. We are interested in that and will be working on ideas. If you have written something short, light, fun, and Lutheran, send it along!

Another point that was drawn to our notice is the tension that Lutherans often feel when discussions of vocation begin to seem like conversations on doing good works. This makes many Lutherans uneasy, because we know how easily Christians can slip into works-righteousness and create an idol in the place of Christ. An article addressing that tension is appearing Tuesday. We hope that it helps to clarify the goal of this blog.

Thanks again! We learned a lot!

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