Jul 11, 2014

When Your Child Doubts God's Love

(This article has been removed at the request of the author). 1-25-16


  1. She needed to learn that her experience and feelings are not pieces of a puzzle that she can assemble to see whether or not God is good and loving.

    YES. Thank you for this extremely insightful post. I'll be sharing this with my readers at weakandloved.com.

    It is so tempting as a mama, to encourage our babies when they doubt by pointing them to OTHER circumstances (but you have a warm bed to sleep in, so see, God does love you!) But that strategy, even though there is truth in it, just keeps them stuck in the trap of looking to circumstances instead of to His Word for assurance of His love.

  2. I wrote of a similar experience here:


    Thought you might enjoy it.

  3. So beautiful, thank you for sharing with Salt & Light this week.



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