Lutheran Resources

The web site of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is found here. You can use their site to search for a Lutheran church in your local area.

You can read some of Martin Luther's writings (including his Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians) for free at Project Gutenberg. The Lutheran Confessions are available online, and you can link to specific portions.

Find great material for youth on the Higher Things site.

Logia is a Lutheran theological journal, and Gottesdienst is a Lutheran theological journal "with attitude."

Looking to read more in the good old-fashioned, paper-book-way? Dr. Veith has compiled a list of suggested reading for Lutherans.

Education and Parenting Resources

Interested in classical education? Visit the web site of the Consortium for Classical and Lutheran Education. Another fascinating but non-Lutheran resource is Circe Institute, where you will find articles on the nature and practice of classical education.

The Hausvater Project addresses parenting and discusses the task of Lutheran fathers and mothers.

Trying to select worthwhile literature for your child? Try out:

     1,000 Good Books List

     101 Out-Of-This-World Books for Kids Ages 8-13

     Redeemed Reader (reviews from a Christian perspective)

What else do you recommend? You can use the comment box below to add suggestions.

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