Dec 23, 2021

I Do Not Apologize for My Christmas Spirit

By Abby Leithart 

At my hot yoga class recently, the instructor started the session by saying she loves Christmas. She told us that the class will, indeed, be full of Christmas music. I was beaming from ear-to-ear, considering how much I, too, love Christmas! Next, however, she apologized to anyone who does not care for Christmas or who finds it a difficult time.
Yes, Christmas can be hard. The magic and romance of the season can be a sharp reminder of lost loved ones or of loneliness in one’s life. Life can be difficult, but guess what? There is good news. The joy of Christmas does not lie in gifts, sitting by a fire sipping on hot cocoa, tree decorating, going to see the Nutcracker, looking at beautifully decorated lights outside of a million dollar home, or listening to Frank Sinatra serenading you with “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Just to be clear, these are wonderful and great things that I enjoy during Christmas time, but the joy of Christmas lies in a single tiny baby.
A baby who brings life after death. A baby who brings the forgiveness of sins to all who believe in Him even though none of us deserve it. That is why Christmas brings me immense joy! We do not deserve anything but death, and yet, He came to save those who believe in Him and are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is the most precious and undeserved gift we will ever receive.
Even unbelievers recognize that Christmas is special. They are right! So, do not apologize for your Christmas joy, unbelievers! Look beyond yourself and you will find grace, mercy, and forgiveness that will last an eternity. For Christ is our joy, always. The devil may try to convince us of the lie that we have nothing to celebrate, but he is wrong.


Abby Leithart joined the Immanuel Lutheran School faculty located in Alexandria,Virginia in 2020 as Kindergarten Assistant Teacher. Miss Leithart brings to the classroom six years teaching and eleven years of professional dance company experience. She was a company member with The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company for five years before moving to Virginia and working with various companies in DC. She has taught youth and adult classes at City Dance Conservatory (Rockville, MD), Ballet Nova Center for Dance (Arlington, VA), Joy of Motion Dance Center (Washington, DC), and Born2Dance Studio (Vienna, VA). She continues to teach and choreograph outside of the Kindergarten classroom. 

Miss Leithart received her BFA in dance at Wright State University and has continued her training with additional summer intensives such as Hubbard Street Dance Company, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, and NW Dance Project. She was recognized with the Regional Dance America's Northeast Josephine Schwartz Award for best emerging choreographer (RDA) in 2015, and has choreographed a variety of solos and group performances. She has performed around the world, including in Azerbaijan, Russia, England, Cuba, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, as well as locally at the Kennedy Center in DC.

An active member of Immanuel Lutheran Church, Miss Leithart enjoys serving the congregation through participation in the choir.

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